Why was MCP developed?

The platform was developed by using a holistic approach to designing each process level – whether the ordering process, the planning of the conveyor system or its installation – as efficiently as possible. The modules themselves set a high standard for reliable and solid technical performance. This platform was designed for flexibility, modularity, attractive industrial design, simple handling during assembly and expansions.

Standardized conveyor modules

With the conveyor modules in three standard widths, all common materials can be transported reliably. This keeps the expenses for combining different modules into a conveyor solution low and reduces the customer's stocking of spare parts to a minimum.

Efficient drive solutions

Customer needs, conditions on site, and type of materials to be conveyed define the requirements for a system. The Interroll conveyor modules can be designed for the most efficient solution for each task. Zero pressure accumulation conveying can be implemented with proven DC RollerDrive. For higher performance, efficient DC drives that enable efficient and future-proof zero pressure accumulation conveying are used together with roller conveyors with 400 V flat belt drives. Pneumatics, which creates high operating costs, is completely omitted here.

Flexible and modular concept

Refined technical details and solutions offer lots of room for the flexibility of our customers. If changes to or expansions of the system should be necessary, the planning is simple. Thanks to the modular concept, the individual modules are perfectly matched and can be easily combined with each other.

Quick installation

Largely pre-assembled modules accelerate the installation on site. Independently adjustable side guides, infinitely adjustable supports, integrated electrical conduits and an universally applicable master gauge for holes to attach add-on components are only a few of the details that reduce the installation effort.

Reliable operation

The robust and extensively tested design of the conveyor modules reduces the maintenance effort and ensures the reliable operation of a conveyor system. The platform offers a wide selection of modules and key elements so that the material flow can be planned efficiently. Everything from a single source and with expert consultation.

MCP in overview

Discover our Modular Conveyor Platform

Smart, economical, flexible. Interroll’s new generation conveyor modules are the most versatile and durable systems available, assuring highest availability and scalability for future growth.

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Automation of palletizing operations

A system integrator was asked to work out an automation concept for its customer’s palletizing operations, which were mainly performed manually and caused a bottleneck for shipping operations. The challenge: increase palletizing capacity to 3,000 boxes per hour.

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Easy retrofit with MCP

This return handling area was modernized in just a few months by using modular conveyor platform (MCP). Result: double amount of returns can be processed. Productivity up by 30%.

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Our development approach

With thousands of logistic challenges, our customers ask for tailored solutions. At the same time for pieces that fit together and that can be delivered quickly.

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MCP introduction to the market

In 2014, the Modular Conveyor Platform was introduced to the market. Thousands of hours of development and testing payed off for all - our customers and end users were impressed. We too, about the massive positive feedback and market acceptance.


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